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Singapore Achievers Awards 2023

Full of pure oxygen. A 'forest city'. The name of the country is Singapore. Singapore, a small island country, has achieved tremendous growth and prosperity from virtually nothing. Just hearing the name Singapore brings to mind a cosmopolitan city. All around the city is glittering. High-rise buildings, famous expensive shopping malls, a wonderful example of modern lifestyle. Singapore is one of the most advanced and richest countries in the world today. This island nation of 728 square kilometers is one of the first countries in the world in terms of quality of life and environmental conditions. Singapore is called the corporate capital of Asia. All the big companies in the world have always lived in Singapore for their regional head offices. Today this small island has become the most important trading center of the modern world. In the 1980s, Bangladeshis first entered the Singapore labor market in search of work. In the nineties, the names of Bangladeshi workers were added to the country's construction sector. Currently, more than 70-80 thousand Bangladeshi workers are working in Singapore. The role of expatriates in our country is very prominent behind the model of Singapore today. Joules of the present modern Singapore has been achieved at the cost and sweat of Bangladeshi workers. The workers of our country have a great role in all the development sectors including construction sector, ship building sector, road development of the country. In various companies in Singapore, expatriates from our country are occupying the highest positions from general workers. All the Singapore expatriate Bengalis are bright stars in their respective fields. Gained reputation in Singapore. Have taken themselves to the ultimate peak of success. VoiceAsian's "Singapore Achievers Awards" is all about those bright stars living in the Singaporean diaspora. These awards will be given to successful Singapore expatriate Bengalis from various sectors (30 people). This special awards program is to honor those in Singapore whose tireless work and whose success upholds the standard of our proud red-green flag, whose activities have made Bangladesh in Singapore respected by the general public, starting from the government of that country.

Awards Categories:



Art & Culture

Banking ​

Business Man

Cargo & Courier


Digital marketing



Fashion & Beauty


Grocery Shop

Guest House

Trading Company


ICT (Recycle)


Law House


News Media


Power & Energy


Real Estate



Social work



Travel & Tourism

Health/Medical Services

Women Empowerment

Young Leader Men

Young Leader Women

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